I finished this book this morning and it really moved me. For anyone who has a passion for learning and living a life that fills your soul, I highly recommend:

Tuesday’s with Morrie

In learning how to die one learns to live. This beautiful story of a teacher, a coach if you will, and a student, who over the course of many weeks talk about life, about living and dying, marriage, aging, emotions and love. Reflecting on the things in our lives that are truly important. The things that bring us joy and fill our souls. Chasing after money, possessions and status are merely a distraction, a symptom of this modern culture we live in, when we all know, it’s not really why we are here. This is a story about creating our own culture, one that honors each other as humans, where we focus and listen as if the person we are talking to is the most important person in the world, because they are after all. So today as I sit here watching the large flakes of snow drift past the restaurant window I am reminded of the beauty of this world. I am grateful for the touch and smile of my family and the love I get to give and receive from an amazing partner. I am grateful I got to experience being 25 and 38 and now as I approach my fiftieth year the opportunity to listen to, and share with others what I have learned.

Really I found this book to be about good humaning, or going to good if you will. Fully embracing our emotions instead of sweeping them aside so that we can detach, set them down in a way, so that we more forward with ease and grace. Morrie (coach) and Mitch (player) always met on Tuesdays……. because, well, they where Tuesday people….. we all are.



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Chef Paolo Neville

Executive Chef and author with 30 + years in the service industry. I have two amazing sons and a passion for food and the restaurant industry.